Terms & Conditions

Full Terms & Conditions are available upon request.

Fuel Deposit

A fuel deposit must be paid in full for every vehicle hire. All vehicles leave our premises full of fuel and when the vehicle is returned to us full of fuel your deposit is refunded in full. If the vehicle is not returned full of fuel, the cost of filling the tank is deducted from your deposit.

Age Restrictions

Minimum age for car hire is 21 yrs old.
Minimum age for van hire is 21 yrs old.
Minimum age for minibus hire is 25 yrs old.

Driving Licence

You must hold a valid, full, UK driving licence. You must have held the licence for a minimum of 2 years. An international driving licence is also accepted. 

Penalty Points/Bans

Up to 8 penalty points is acceptable depending on the conviction codes. If you have been banned from driving in the last 10 years, please contact us.


You are responsible for all fines and or charges whilst in possession of the vehicle.

Insurance Excess

You are liable for any damage to the vehicle whilst on hire to you. In the event of an insurance claim you will be required to pay the full insurance excess £750.00 on all vans and cars, Minibuses excess is £1000.00 ( 21 - 24 yr olds the excess is £1000.00 )